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epicitehydro is an innovative hydroactive wound dressing for advanced wound care management as part of the treatment of burns or skin transplants. It has an exceptionally high water content of ca. 99% at a pH value of 7 and creates a superior moist wound environment. Its unique qualities guarantee an absolutely pain-free removal of change of dressings.

epifast® is used for temporary wound coverage and as a skin substitute for severely damaged skin. It is composed of a layer of in vitro-cultivated allogeneic human keratinocytes derived from juvenile foreskin, which is placed on a petroleum jelly gauze, is cryopreserved and stored in a frozen state for later clinical use. A new product, BioCare, is now in development and is based on epifast® which was developed as an approved medical device in Mexico by BioSkinco S.A. de C.V.