We are dedicated to the body’s largest organ – the skin.
Professional wound dressing with Bioskinco

Bioskinco: dedicated to effective wound care products for the treament of burns and critical wounds

Originally, the company started its development and production activities in Mexico in 1998. Bioskinco’s mission is to develop and produce innovative and highly effective wound care dressings for all adult and young patients who suffer from severe wound traumas as burns, ulcers, severe abrasions and skin graft surgery and skin transplants.

Since 1999, the company’s main wound dressing, epifast, has been used successfully as treatment for burns for more than 8,000 patients with serious burns in Mexico and Central America - nearly 50% of them children - resulting in faster tissue regneration and the re-growth of healthy skin. This in turn reduces scar formation dramatically.

Critical wound care dressing

More than 8,000 patients have been successfully treated with epifast®.

Based on this experience, Bioskinco Germany – a 100%-owned subsidiary of Bioskinco Mexico – began the process of adapting the epifast wound dressing to European standards and is in the process of obtaining approval for epifast as a medicinal product.

To achieve this goal, Bioskinco Germany has assembled an experienced management team and works in close cooperation with leading organisations in research and development, including the Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, University of Würzburg and renowned burn centres in Europe.

All the partners in this collaborative venture have come together to pursue the same goal: to offer effective wound care solutions for the life-threatening conditions of severely burned children and adults.